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Our Story

Founders Luiz Leal and Ana da Silva and their passion for sports and physical education
Luiz Leal and Ana da Silva have always been involved in sports and physical activities since childhood.

Luiz holds a Bachelor of Physical Education and has been a personal trainer since 2001. Having his own studio to give clients a higher quality of service was always his dream.


Ana graduated with a degree in Human Movement and is an expert in clean and healthy nutrition.


Married and parents of two beautiful boys, they created GottaBeFit to share with the Sydney northern beaches local community their knowledge on how not only achieve great fitness but to live a healthier lifestyle.


They hold each other to the high standards they both embody, together the winning team at GottaBeFit


GottaBeFit, the best place around to achieve and maintain excellent fitness level through clean and healthy nutrition, regular exercises and healthier lifestyle habits.
We believe “Life is better when you are fit”

Obesity is rapidly rising in Australia and worldwide, not only within the adult population but, sadly it effect adults and children too. Diseases like type 2 diabetes are now becoming more common in children under the age of 12 years old.


GottaBeFit strives to reverse this scenario in the Sydney northern beaches. We educate parents, parents to be and children about how to achieve and maintain a healthy living.

Let’s all start moving more, eating well and reverse this cycle, let’s make a healthier number for the Australia Bureau of Statistics, lets decrease the numbers of Australians with obesity, lets decrease the number of kids with obesity and diabetes, let’s be the better of ourselves. Let’s be fit. GottaBeFit, That’s it.


Our way of training VIP clients, (every client is a VIP client), is to put VIP client at the focus to offer & provide high-quality and effective services, and in turn ensure our VIP clients enjoy the benefits, reaching their goals and dreams. We guarantee.