Getting started.

Every VIP client must start with our Initial Consultation, at the completion of this colsultation, your trainer will have enough information to understand your current situation and therefore he will be able to recommend the best program to suit your goals, needs and budget.

This is GottaBeFit entry level. It consist on one 60 minutes appointment to allow your GottaBeFit trainer to assess your current situations and therefore guide you towards your goals and objectives, with better understanding and knowledge about you.


At the completion of this appointment your trainer will provide you with his feedback and also recommendation toward the most appropriate GottaBeFit training program to suit your goals, needs and budget.

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What's included.
  • Current situation, goals and needs assessment,
  • Lifestyle analyses,
  • Full body composition assessment,
  • GottaBeFit holistic program presentation,
  • Click here for more info about the Initial Consultation.
You're always VIP at GottaBeFit

We guarantee that you achieve your goals. That is our promise and commitment.


Personal training at GottaBeFit  is value for money, outstanding service and the best in town. Ideal for those VIP clients that want to make the most of their exercise routine, time and is serious about achieving its goals.


Suitable to a range of fitness levels, from the most novice VIP clients to those with more experience; see personal training program for more info. GottaBeFit offers 10, 20 and 40 weeks personal training packages, with no lock in contract. 30min and 60min sessions are available

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What's included.

Our business is your fitness. We will work with you over an agreed period to look at a number of areas in your fitness and lifestyle habits. This can include:

  • Goals and Vision
  • Objectives
  • Current situation
  • Culture
  • Training basics
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Sleep
  • Competition
  • Time planning and management
  • Stress
  • Past and current injuries