A Word on Soy beans

Soy beans produce has been known by the modern society as a healthy substitute to cow’s milk as its lower in fat and cholesterol…right?!! As a lot of our clients and friends has been asking about the real healthy benefits of soy, I have decided to dedicate a post just for it….

After reading Nourishing Traditions book from Sally Fallon I found that:

  • Soybeans and soymilk are high in phytate content which can lead to mineral deficiencies, such as iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. In soymilk carcinogens are formed during processing;
  • Phytoestrogens found in soy food, although in modern cultivars of soybeans promote as panaceas for heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis,  are potent endocrine disrupters as well as goitrogens, substances that depress thyroid function;
  • Although it’s claimed that soy products are a  good source of Vitamin B12, it is actually not absorbed from plant sources, modern soy products increase the need for B12. ( Soybeans: Chemistry and technology, vol 1 , 1972) ;
  • The modern bioreactor method of soy processing in a space of two days , uses the enzyme glutamase as a reactor, therefore the final product contains large amounts of this unnatural glutamic acid that is found in MSG
  • Finally, soy-based baby formula, also contains mineral-blocking phytic acid, growth inhibitors and plants form of estrogen compounds that have adverse effects on the hormonal development in the infant, it is also devoid of cholesterol, which is needed for development of the brain and , nervous system.

However, traditional soy sauce is made by the fermentation process, taking six to eight months to be completed, this removes not only the enzyme inhibitors but phytates as well. So Look for the varieties that say ” Naturally Brewed” on the label.

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author: Luiz Leal


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